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Coating & Construction

Coating & Construction

       The Coating and Construction department was established in 2006 and continues to grow over these past 10 years. This department not only has personnel in charge of technology development but also has developed partnerships with Dow Chemical, Huntsman, Wacker and other world-class chemical suppliers. Based on Golden Chemical’s independent samples center and complete application-based developmental laboratories, the Coating and Construction department has served more than 3000 clients across 20 industries.

In the Coating and Construction industry, we offer hundreds kinds of additive products, including the following main product lines:

Architectural coatings resins
Coating auxiliaries Building Materials Auxiliaries Masterbatch series
Interior and exterior paint emulsion
Thickener Dispersible polymer powder Infiltration crystallization waterproof masterbatch
Low odor /low VOC latex Dispersant
Hydroxymethyl propyl cellulose ethers Plugging material
True Stone / texture / elastic latex Multifunctional additives Starch ethers Tile adhesive masterbatch
High performance emulsion Wetting agent Lignocellulosic Surface mortar masterbatch
Latex primer Antiseptic Polypropylene fibers Adhesive mortar masterbatch
Emulsion overcoat Coalescent Superplasticizer Leveling mortar masterbatch
Covering polymers Hydroxyethyl cellulose Silicone water repellent Other masterbatches

Cases for Coating
Cases for Construction
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