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Golden Chemical Attends 2019 AQUATECH China

Author:    Click:84    DateTime:2019-6-12 10:49:35

       Golden Chemical’s Oil & Gas and Water Treatment division attended 2019 AQUATECH China at stall 80, H7, Hall 6.1 in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from June 3 to 5.

       As a grand event in the water treatment industry, the exhibition attracted around 100,000 participants from over 72 countries and regions.

       At the exhibition, Golden Chemical recommended the clients products from Dow Chemical designed for circulating water treatment, reverse osmosis water treatment and sewage treatment.

       We introduced the following products at the exhibition: Dow's ACUMER 4000 series of anti- scaling products on the surface of reverse osmosis membrane; ACUMER 4035 designed for general types of scaling such as carbonate and sulfate; ACUMER 4450 targeted at molisite scale inhibition, especially applied in harsh conditions and the presence of iron; ACUMER 5000 designed for silicate scale inhibition and dispersion. In addition, ACUMER 4200 is also a popular product, which has acquired a certificate for the application in drinking water from the national health commission of the PRC to be used in the food and beverage industry.

       Dupont's reverse osmosis fungicides, such as AQUCAR RO 20, RO 50 and RO 150, help to kill micro-organisms in reverse osmosis systems.

Staff from Golden Chemical communicated with clients

       During the three-day exhibition, we exchanged ideas with nearly a thousand of participants in the water treatment industry.

       Thanks to the water exhibition, we not only had a close face-to-face contact with customers, senior experts and talents in the industry, deepened the understanding of the water treatment technology application, but also had the opportunity to grasp new concepts and new technologies in the industry that will facilitate business cooperation in the future.

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