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Golden Chemical Pharmacy Division Attends CPhI China 2019

Author:    Click:85    DateTime:2019-6-24 14:38:23

       The 19th CPhI China 2019 was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from June 18 to 20 with over 3,000 exhibitors discussing new development trend of the global pharmaceutical industry.

       Pharmacy division from Golden Chemical attended the exhibition at D38 stall in E6 venue.

       At this exhibition, we introduced to customers in the pharmaceutical industry the red aluminum solutions, pyridine and its derivatives. Meanwhile, products such as acetonitrile, hydrazine hydrate, n-heptane, n-hexane, sodium borohydride were also gained attention from many customers. In order to meet the customers' one-stop purchasing needs, we also provided Dow chemical's series of vinylamine, ethanolamine, solvents, and polyethylene glycol, dimethyl silicone oil, defoaming agents and other products.

       The annual CPhl serves as a golden opportunity for the exchange of ideas in raw material of the pharmaceutical industry. Both new and existing customers had a pleasant conversation at Golden Chemical’s stall. In the future, sales managers from our pharmacy division will follow up with customers for the price, samples, delivery and other frequently asked questions.

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